You know in life there are just things that u can’t explain…you try to put your finger on it but it just doesn’t make sense! I have tried to find a tangible or mechanical reasons as to how something like this could occur! There was no explanation! I was puzzled!!! I was writing on my sister-in-laws FB post! Her father died almost 2 years ago and she felt responsible for not returning his call the night he died! She felt she could’ve saved him! I wrote to her and told her it wasn’t her fault and that she had no way of knowing. I told her that her Dad wanted nothing more than her to be happy in her life and he loved her very much! He is looking down from the heavens and smiling, he will always be your guardian angel! When I was almost done writing to her the garage door light turned on and off sporadically like a Morris code! This light only will turn on when u open or close the garage door and will stay solidly lit for 1 minute. There was a sense of urgency with the light…it was a freak phenomena!! I tried to shut the light off from the control panel…it wouldn’t stop flashing on and off. I checked a few other things. Nothing would stop the light!!! I then sat down on the garage steps, posted my comment to my sister-in-law! I then felt compelled to text her my experience. This is not what I would normally do, it is something u would just keep to yourself because it sounds just unbelievable!! But something compelled me to write her, so I did! I told her the whole story and how I felt that it was her father urging me to send the FB message to her. When I was done sending her the text the light stayed solidly on as if her father had approved! I sat and stared at the light and i felt peace. I received a text from my sister-in-law and she relayed to me that she cried when she read my text! She said a weight had been lifted off her shoulders and she no longer felt guilty or responsible for her fathers death! Then the light turned off…



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