As I reflect on poor choices in the past, I cringe, I smh, I lower my head in shame, I feel sadness, pain, anger, hurt, regret, powerless, lonely, bitter and depressed. I slowly lift my head up and look to the sky…God I am only human…please help me pick and choose the right path. I didn’t choose to be bipolar but please guide me, for I know not where to go from here…please close the wounds and let them heal! Please forgive and cleanse me of my sins known and unknown. Please lock the bad memories in the deepest chamber of my brain and throw the key away! Please wipe away my river of tears and replace it with joy and happiness! I know u only give us what we can handle and u must of thought I was strong enough to endure bipolar! I thank u for blessing me and getting me through the toughest of times! I need your help to stay strong, poised and graceful while I pick up the pieces in the path of destruction. I have faith and I give u all of the glory God! I know that u know my heart…please show me the way.


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