Yo, tonight I am just going to randomly shoot the shit about a subject! No particular subject, just something other than what I generally write about! Some crazy thoughts just came to mind! Have u ever got a crack in the crack of your ass! I asked a group of colleagues that question one time! Man it was a regular crack up fest, lol! Somebody asks me What Do You Mean? I said have u ever had the crack of your ass split…you know don’t u? She said No Explain Yourself! Well I said My ass crack split open from swimming in the ocean everyday on vacation for a week…my goodness…it hurts like hell…I have been putting on triple antibiotic ointment and now it itches like hell! That’s why I am looking to rub my ass wherever I can! I can’t just scratch it in public, lol!! Haven’t any of u ever got a cracked ass crack?? Everyone laughed and said NO!!! A couple weeks later a colleague summons me to their office! She said “You are not going to believe this! We went swimming on our vacation in the lake! I ended up with a cracked ass crack! I kid u not! Omg, damn that hurts! Now I know what u meant!” We both laughed our ass cracks off, lmao!!!!


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