You look sick, do u feel okay?? Frankly I Am getting SICK & TIRED of hearing that question!!! I just want to respond TRY TAKING THE MEDS I TAKE SOMETIME and THEN TELL ME HOW U FEEL!!! UGH!! REALLY?!?! I feel like SHIT EVERYDAY!!! My gosh, I am in a constant medication restraint…PLEASE…don’t make me feel any worse than I already do!!! Yes I look and feel like crap…put yourself in my shoes for crying out loud!!!


4 thoughts on “YOU LOOK SICK!!

  1. Holy shit! How incredibly rude of anyone to say that! I am so sorry! Maybe you could say “yes, well I just was diagnosed with an anal fissure, and the constant rivers of pus and blood discharge is just driving me mad!” πŸ™‚ (hope I don’t offend!)

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