Negativity can consume you! It can damn well eat u alive if u let it! I am on the border of being eaten alive! I am trying to cross that line ⛔️of negativity and turn it into positivity “+”!!!! So I must filter my thoughts and pull out the good thoughts! Difficult task indeed!!! It’s the old saying: Think before u speak!! Easier said than done! Instead of focusing on the negatives of bipolar, I should focus on the positives!! Hmmmmmm, I say!! What could be possibly positive about being bipolar?? I have to dig deep!! Okayyyyyy, well I should be thankful for all those that have remained in my life although some avoid understanding. I should be thankful that I didn’t physically hurt someone or myself. I should be thankful for the meds that keep me somewhat functional! I should be thankful that God kept me safe during my journey into darkness!! See, I guess u can find a bright side in every dark corner!!


5 thoughts on “NEGATIVITY!!!

  1. You are seriously a much better, more evolved person than me – I hate absolutely everything that has to do with bipolar!!! Bipolar = Beelzebub! I will never feel differently, and to be honest when I read “bipolar blessed me” I want to barf fiery red coals! 😉

    1. I agree! I hate the term Bipolar! It is used more loosely to describe a persons behavior! It has become a buzz word. I hear it all of the time on TV shows such as YOU ARE ACTING BIPOLAR, YOU NEED TO GET BACK ON YOUR MEDS!! I really don’t have anything positive to say about being Bipolar except that I am a survivor. I hate labels. I always have. I suppose I can go into BIPOLAR WITNESS PROTECTION! Wipe the slate clean, change my name and start a new life secretly supplied with my bipolar meds disguised in a Tylenol bottle, lol:)!

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