Hmmmmm??? I am filling out a job application. Name, address, previous address, education, employers, references…then you get to that dreaded question: have u ever been diagnosed with a mental illness?? I stare at the question! Then I feel violated! Then I ask myself…is this question necessary?? Then I get paranoid and look around as if someone is looking at me funny and watching me answer the question. HOW DO I RESPOND TO THIS QUESTION ?? Does this potential employer have a right to know? If I check the box NO, could they fire me later if I got the job and they found out I had a mental illness? Would they choose not to hire me if I had a mental illness? My mind runs through all these questions. I don’t like lying but in the past I have checked the box YES!! The next question is: IF YOU ANSWERED YES, explain your illness. OMG, now what?? So I reluctantly wrote BIPOLAR!! The applications I filled out truthfully about my illness…I never was even called for an interview!!! The applications that I wrote “NO” for that question…I got the job! You tell me!! Is that discrimination? Of course it is!! But I would never be able to prove it!! How would you respond to this question if u were diagnosed with Bipolar?????


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