Re-teaching my brain

Everyday is a struggle. Memories are difficult to recall! Words are hard to find! It’s like having brainfarts with every sentence you try to say! I can’t Remember birthdays, appointments, names, events, dates, places, things…well…just about everything! Some people would call it being senile or Alzheimer’s! I call it a residual effect of a bipolar event! I am trying everything and anything to get my brain to function properly! I have to say some days are better than others! It’s been a slow process but I am happy to say I remember that Thursdays are trash pick up days. I have only forgotten a few times to make my husbands lunch! The thing that is most different with me now is I used to always be prepared and organised. Now I just procrastinate and I am lucky if I get the task completed on time! I can’t keep up with the demands that I used to! Superwoman NO MORE! I haven’t given up!! But I might just forget to try, lol!!!


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