Do hospital staff listen…it DEPENDS!!

I am on a locked psych ward! I go up to the window that separates the staff from the patients and ring the buzzer. A male nurse takes his time walking to the window, it was apparent that he was annoyed at my interruption. He says “what can I help u with?” I said ” I am constipated, can I get something to relieve it?” He said “when was your last bowel movement?” I said “it’s been a week!” He said “that’s not possible!” He then said “wait here, I got something for you!” He came back and threw a bag of DEPENDS diapers at me and said “if u have to go, go in them!!! Oh and from now on you can only come to the window no more than once a shift!” He shut the window and walked away! WOW!! Talk about degrading! Inmates in prison get better treatment than this!


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