The exception is mental illness! Brush it under a rug or whatever! It is sad how the mentally ill are still ignored! I am living proof. I think people are afraid it is contagious…it’s not!! People are more willing to campaign, support, give to charities for the treatment of animals than a person with mental illness. People are more accepting of a famous entertainer that is in drug or alcohol treatment for the 50th time rather than supporting the mentally ill! Wow!! Think about it!! My nursing colleagues even shunned me, informed educated colleagues!! Imagine that!! I have had this BIPOLAR AFTERMATH BLOG for a bit, with 20 blogs. I have looked at other peoples blogs and saw hundreds of views, favorites and comments!! Does that give u an idea! Society has some growing up to do! SMH!!!! To think, I have been a caretaker in the nursing field of many mentally ill patients before I was ever diagnosed with Bipolar! The stigma stops here for me! How about you???


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