It is lonely in a bipolar world! When you go thru an episode it’s like restructuring your life. It’s turned upside down! There is no stability. You have lost your friends, some family, your home, your job. Restructuring doesn’t come easy. You are always trying to prove to people your not crazy! Everything that u once had is lost. Starting over for the 3rd time!! This time was different. It’s not so easy at my age. People don’t let u into their world, so making new friends is not an option. I have tried and tried. I feel incredibly lonely. It’s sad. I have never had depression with bipolar. Now I do because of the many losses. My life has fallen apart and I don’t know if I can pick up the pieces! I am not used to being so unproductive. It has been 8 years since my last episode and I still continue to struggle daily. I am trying to start a new chapter but I can’t seem to turn the page.


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