IF U MET ME WOULD U KNOW I WAS BIPOLAR?? I would have to say NO, unless I was cycling!! Would u want to know?? Would u shun me if u knew? Would u look at me different if u knew?? Would u look for clues? Would u constantly judge me?? U probably would!! Now u see why I constantly consciously watch my every move for fear of others will be judging! I can’t be too happy, I can’t be too sad, I can’t show emotion! I will get odd looks, stares and sometimes people saying I shouldn’t be acting that way. I can’t be me. God forbid! I have feelings and yes I sometimes suppress them! But most of the time, I try to be me. Although the whispers, the pointing of fingers, the laughing and the sympathetic stares hurt, I do the best I can do! Some days, I just want to run and hide. Other days I want to burst out crying! Other days I just say F%#* you!


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